720p/MPEG-4 – Bratty Foot Girls – Rapture – Goddess Rapture's Deadly Ass! (FEMALE SUPREMACY)


The amazing and powerful Rapture is known for her powerful legs and ass! She has been hired to get some info from Ninja whom she has cuffed and trapped on a bed. She is something to behold as she enters the room dressed in shiny black leggings and a pink bra. She towers over him and demands the code to his laptop. He refuses to give it to her so she decides to use her powerful ass to smother it out of him. She perches over his face and blocks off his air supply with her butt as she tells him he may no survive this interrogation if he doesn’t give it up. She mixes up her facesitting giving him both her ass and pussy as he cannot get a breathe in from his powerful captor. She has no mercy for him as she continues his torture session under her butt. He may not survive even if he does tell her!Starring: Goddess Rapture, Jason Ninja*FACESITTING* *ASS SMOTHER* *MUSCULAR WOMEN*Category: FACE SITTING, ASS SMOTHERING, MUSCULAR WOMEN, POWERFUL WOMAN, FEMALE SUPREMACY, EXECUTRIX
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