Ella Kross and Ms. Kate – Jerk to our hot asses (Femdom Pov/1 080p)


“You like our asses, huh?” I ask as the stunning Mistress Kate and I flaunt our tight, round bottoms in my bed. Take that cock our and jerk to our perfect asses while we tease you with them and look amazing while doing it. We take turns rubbing each other`s butts as you stroke your rock hard cock up and down, faster and faster, getting closer to blowing your load with every passing second. I`m going to count down from ten to one and only then do you have permission to cum all over our fabulous asses.You really want to shoot that warm jizz everywhere, don`t you? Then jack your cock as fast as you can because the countdown is about to begin! Ten,nine, eight…
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