The Queendom – Mistress Kawaii – Finished With The Furniture Slave (Mistress Kawaii/1 080p)

“So I have some bad news for you,” Mistress Kawaii say, taking a seat on her furniture slave’s face. “I’m kind of getting sick of having you around.” She’s decided to give her furniture slave one last, intense ass smothering before shrinking him down to use in a new way! The only question now is what to do with the slave once he’s shrunk? “Something that would be more fun for me and worse for you!” The slave tries to beg for mercy, to stay her full size furniture slave, but its no use. Mistress Kawaii quickly shoves her ass back down on the slave’s face to stop him from speaking. No amount of begging will change her mind, this slave will be shrunk and swallowed up. She pulls her tight leggings down and buries the slave’s face between her soft, luscious ass cheeks while she decides his fate. Would she rather put the tiny slave in her mouth and swallow him alive or stuff his tiny body between her cheeks and let her ass swallow him up? “Maybe you secretly want to be eaten by my big, beautiful, juicy ass,” she laughs as she turns around for forward facesitting. Mistress Kawaii’s strong thighs hold the slave’s head in place while her big butt absorbs his face. She contemplates what his life would be like if she ate him, being alive in her digestive tract as she slowly turns him into waste. However Kawaii decides to swallow the tiny slave, his shrunken journey will end in her amazing ass! “Are you ready? Are you on board?” She asks while sitting on the slave’s face. She smiles, deciding the slave’s muffled, desperate cries are really just excitement about being shrunk. With a snap of her finger light fills the room as the slave becomes tiny…
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1 080p/MPEG-4 – TheRealQueendom – Mistress Kawaii – Finished With The Furniture Slave (woman beating man)


Description: I have some bad news for my furniture slave. I’m going to come up with a new way I can utilize him. I’ve come up with different ideas but, not sure what I want to do. I’m definately thinking about shrinking him down…. Maybe stuff him in my ass…and fart on him all the time…The main thing is, I want it to be more fun for me, and worse for him!! Of course the whole time I’m telling him all of this I torment him with my big goddess ass by smothering and sitting on his face. He’s so scared and nervous about what is going to happen to him…and that’s just what I want..
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