1 080p/MPEG-4 – Humiliatrix – Stunning Princess Tessa – Paints Her Luscious Lips to Humiliate You (pov)


You love 2 watch me gloss my luscious lips, even though it is 4 my boyfriend and definitely not 4 you. Does it humiliate you 2 know what I am going to do for him with my juicy lips? Are u seething with jealousy? Maybe I need 2 emasculate you even further, to put u in your loser place…Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Humiliatrix, Princess Tessa, Tessa, Princess, POV, Humiliation, Degradation, Teaase and Denial, Lipstick Fetish, Lips, Lipstick, Lips Fetish, Cuckolding, Cuckold, Cucky, Cuck, Teasing, Sissification, Sissy Training, Sissy Slut, Sissy, Cuckold Emasculation
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