MeanWorld – SlaveOrders – Jezabel Vessir POV Slave Orders 2 (/1 080p)

Mistress Jezabel Vessir is back for more whiteboy humiliation! This time she puts you in a dog cage.. she thinks of you as a pasty white pet, so that’s where you belong. She makes you sniff and lick her beautiful ebony asshole, but that’s after you have proven yourself by cleaning her dirty feet for her!
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MeanWorld – SlaveOrders – Jezabel Vessir POV Slave Orders (Financial Domination/1 080p)

We at MeanWorld are excited to introduce you to a new Ebony Goddess: Jezabel Visser. Jezabel loves making whiteboys bow at her feet. She starts by making you get down on your knees while she calls you a pasty white bitch. Then she makes you worship her ebony ass and feet. She knows that you crave ebony superiority and uses it to make you a good whiteboy servant! ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!
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1 080p/MPEG-4 – MeanWorld – MeanBitches – Jezabel Vessir – Tease and Denial (MASTURBATION GAMES)


INCREDIBLY HOT Ebony Beauty Jezabel starts this clip by looking at you and telling you that a lot of people want know the best way to please her. She tells you that if you please her, she might consider you for bootlicking and facesitting. She shows you her tied-up white slave and starts to tease him. She puts her perfect black ass one inch from his face.. he wants its so bad, but can’t reach it. She slides her ass down his body so that it rubs against his cock. She caresses him and teases him as she calls you a loser whiteboy. She tells you and her slave that if you want experience the privilege of her ass then you need to leave your white wife. She laughs as she rubs up against her slave and tells you that you are going to leave your “bitch wife”. She turns around and orders her slave to kiss her ass.. He strains against his ropes to try to kiss, but she teases him. His cock is rock hard.. he wants badly to please her and to lick her ass. She tells him “you will leave your wife for me won’t you” and then smiles like a cat that ate a canary when he nods his head yes. He will do anything for her and she knows it. She spreads her ass so he can kiss and lick her beautiful black asshole. She slides his ring off his finger and laughs as she casually drops it on the floor. WOW – HOT EBONY FEMDOM!!
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