Humiliation Princess Rene's Clips – Silky Panties Ass Tease (/720p)

Worship my ass in these pretty, silky panties! Feel your mind go soft and your dick go hard as I wave my butt around in your face! Sooo close to your screen, sooo sexy! Come and worship, bow before your Princess and pucker up for this perfect ass. I’ll tease you so hard, pulling down my panties so you can see my sweet crack and shaking and wiggling my booty in your face. I love showing off how hot my butt is! It would be a shame if this ass was hidden from the world. Worship my silky panties and fine ass!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Love for Domination Trance (/1 080p)

This mental mindgame of trance is going straight 2 the chase– I am not interested in leading u down the path of gentle relaxation only to softly coerce u. I want you 2 obey, to surrender, & give me full ownership. I will have your body kneeling and your mind split assunder as u perform tasks for me under hy-p-nosis. You’ll look, act, & think like the slave I wish you to be, giving me everything that you are in tiny little pieces. I will assume full control over u and you’ll thank me 4 each acquisition as I strip you bare. Your mantra will go hand in hand with each zombie stroke: I own all of u. Your mind.. your body.. your very being.
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1 080p/MPEG-4 – Erotic Goddess Christina – Pathetic Beta Male Humiliation (Femdom POV)


It doesn’t take much 2 get u hard. You see sexy curves through tight clothes & BAM. You are walking around with boners all the time. So pathetic & disgusting loser. If u can’t control that thing now do u really think you are going 2 do anything for a woman? Losers like you shouldn’t even have the privilege of seeing a naked woman’s body. You don’t even need that 2 cum. You are the perfect definition of a beta male. I am going to prove my point. Get your cock out and stroke it 4 me now. Beat that worthless thing & cum right on my countdown like the beta male you are.Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Erotic Goddess Christina, Christina, Humiliation, Masturbation Humiliation, Sexy, Sensual Domination, Erotic, Goddess Christina, Goddess, POV, Beta Bitch Boy, Loser Abuse, Pathetic, Tight Dress, Verbal Abuse, Verbal Humiliation
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