DivineBitches – Lorelei Lee, Maitresse Madeline Marlowe, Alexander Gustavo (/720p)

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720p/MPEG-4 – DivineBitches – Maitresse Madeline and Jesse Carl (DivineBitches)


Maitresse Madeline is a predator who hunts random naive boys in random men’s restrooms. Imagine if you will you are taking a piss and there she is, Maitresse Madeline herself seductively behind you grabbing onto your cock while you finish your piss. She has you under her spell and takes control of you using you for her amusement. She spanks your bare ass because you have been such a naughty boy. She covers your head with a plastic bag and does whatever she wants with you. The breath play gets you so high you are helpless under her control. She sits on your face smothering you with her perfect cunt and sweaty ass. Finally she straps it on and pounds you right there with your face down on the dirty bathroom floor. And, without warning she fists your ass so deep that your prostate milks uncontrollably and you spill your filthy load all over. This is EXACTLY what happened to Jesse Carl and all he was trying to do was take an innocent piss.
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