Alyssa Reece – Busted Peeping At Mommy JOI (/1 080p)

Mom is in her bedroom drying herself off with a towel. You knock on her door and she says that she is getting dressed and that she will be right there. Without thinking further you just walk to see your mother nude and trying to cover herself with a towel. “What are you doing?! I said I was getting dressed! I know boys your age are horny but you shouldn’t be trying to spy on your own mother! Do you think your friends fantasize about fucking their mothers?! Of course not! It’s sick!” she yells. You quickly turn around and start to walk towards the door. “Wait,” your mother stops you. “I think you did that on purpose, you were trying to see your mother naked and then go jerk off in your bedroom, weren’t you?” You try to leave again, but your mother stops you once again. “If it’s true then stay here so we can talk about this, and if it’s not then you can go.” You start to think about it and then slowly stop yourself. ” I knew you were a little pervert! How long have you had these fantasies about your mother?” You confess that it’s been going on for as long as you can remember. “That long? I had no idea. Maybe it’s my fault, all that naked cuddling when you were little, but I thought it was innocent. But you’re allowed to get fantasies, I think it’s hot actually. It’s so fucking dirty. The thought of fucking my own son, or even watching him jerk off in front of me while your father is downstairs.” Mom is rubbing her breasts together and lifting her towel up to reveal her pussy. She reaches out for your throbbing hard on, “it’s so hard, a girl could have a lot of fun with this,” she smiles. “Show mommy what you do with it, it’s ok sweetheart, go ahead. Start jerking it for mommy.”
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1 080p/MPEG-4 – Alyssa Reece – Anything For My Attention (Mesmerize)


I love fucking with your mind, you are so easy to control. All you can think about is Me, & I’m going to make u even more obsessed. All you want to do is to serve Me, to worship Me, to make yourself useful to Me. You need to watch My clips every single day, you need to buy all of them. The sound of My voice alone sends you into a deep trance.I love teasing u, tormenting u, making u do things for Me. I’m inside your mind, there is nothing you can do to shake thatKeywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Love Addiction, Goddess Worship, Mesmerize, Mental Domination, Mind Fuck, Sensual Domination, Sexy, Erotic, Alyssa Reece, POV, Female Supremacy
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