Bratty Babes Own You – Nikki Brooks, Alexis Grace – Slumber Party Footjob (/1 080p)

Nikki Brooks and Alexis Grace are ready for bed and are trying to get some rest when Alexis hears her loser step brother. Both girls then wake up to see the loser jerking off to there silky pantyhose legs. Nikki and Alexis are furious and decide to humiliate the loser. Alexis and Nikki make the loser lay on the bed so they can really expose his foot fetish and let him know what a loser he is. Alexis wraps her shiny platino pantyhose soles around her step brothers cock as Nikki tease and verbally humiliates. Alexis forces every drip of cum out this loser cock with her big size ten soles. Nikki and Alexis then laugh at what a loser he is.
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