Jerkoffinstructions – Alexa Grace – Jerking off (Mesmerize/720p)

Leggy blonde Alexa is mad at you for ratting her out to her parents. You are such a loser. Alexa suspects that you spy on her and then jerk off thinking about her. She is not wrong about that. She knows what you want and she lets you see her tiny tits briefly. When she sees your dick, she is disgusted and she asks if you have a shrimp dick. Stroke it as you look at her fit body. Do not try to touch her, you freak. Just keep your hand on your dick and watch her tease you with her big pussy lips. Alana has had enough of you today, so she tells you to finish up and cum after a countdown from ten, but she stops before she gets to the end of the countdown. There will be no orgasm for you today, loser!
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