472p/MPEG-4 – Vicky Narni – Vicky's School Girl Seduction Humiliation (ADULT SCHOOL)


Vicky Narni is beautiful, busty, mean, cold and calculating and she knows you have a soft spot for her. Vicky knows how to wrap men like YOU around her little finger!Vicky decides to flirt with you, teasing you into allowing her to take images of your small penis, before long she will have anything she wants…You see what Miss Narni wants is your complete obedience and full attention.She tells you with unbelievable confidence and arrogance that she will let you see more providing you give her what she wants and deserves ”Take a picture of you naked saying I’m Vicky’s SLAVE…” You feel the rushing to your crotch as she tells you ”I’ll take off my skirt and you can see my panties” You know you those BIG TITIES, TIGHT FIRM ASS and POWERFUL LEGS will make your unable to resist. The more she flirts the weaker you will get, you know that there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from playing her game.
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