Abigail Dupree – Sensual Femdom Degrades Her Bitch Boy LB (/720p)

Abigail Dupree’s number one bitch boy LB is back for more degredation. He just can’t resist his Mistress in her strappy, drop dead sexy attire tonight and calls for her to please, please.. use him for her satisfaction. She decides to use him for his money and and hit those sensitive spots of humiliation by pinpointing his weakest and most vulnerable flaws: his tiny little pecker and lack of any ability to please a woman. As she degrades him she cant help but become arroused by his pain and shame and her sensuality starts to ooze from within. She uses it to her advantage by tearing LB down even lower and talks about making him into her sissy fuck toy as she strokes and fucks her big black cock, teasing him all the while. She demands that he pull out his sorry excuse for a dick and stroke it until her command for him to cum. She knows exactly what he was thinking about and calls him out on it while he hangs his head in shame and is told to piss off.
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