240p/MPEG-4 – SweetFemdom – Ashton Vena – 18 years old always wanted to peg a guy (HUMILIATION)


Now that Ashton has her friend’s boss all to herself, she’d going to live out her own fantasy. She’s always wanted to fuck a guy in the ass with a strap-on. She rams her dildo inside him and he quickly awakens to his hopeless situation. She is behind him, huge perfect 18 year old tits bouncing, while she pounds his ass hard and deep. She doesn’t care when he wimpers, she just pounds harder.Then Ashton stands him up and bends him over to fuck his ass fast, grabbing his hips and taking control. Finally she sits on the couch and makes him ride her cock when he’s on his back. She takes her friend’s panties out of his mouth so he can talk, and asks him if he wants to cum. She makes him beg while she toys with his cock, ordering him to ride her cock if he wants to cum.She give him a teasey hand job, making him work hard to cum. When he blows his load, she rubs it in his face and tells him in a sweet tone, “If you ever want to cum again, you are gonna be my little ass slut…”STRAPON, PEGGING, BLACK PANTYHOSE, HIGH CUT LEOTARD, 18 YEAR OLD DOMME, HIGH HEELS, BIG PERFECT TITS, TATTOOS, HUMILIATION, SLUT TRAINING, HANDJOB
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