Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – Big Beautiful Babydoll Trampler (/1 080p)

Princess Skylar looks delectable as she walks down the steps in nothing but a babydoll outfit and stiletto’s, after a great nights sleep. On leave from army duties she has had her slave locked up all night, in the cold room, after trampling him the night before. She calls him over and he crawls to her and kisses her shoes as she sticks them through the rails on the stairway. She tells him that she did not like his complaining yesterday and today he has a chance to prove himself… again. Skylar is not a light girl and she shows no mercy walking over his chest and stomach. She asks him if he appreciates her weight and when he says yes she decides to dance on him. Nice camera angles, from the slaves perspective and others looking down from above. If you enjoy seeing a slave suffering under the heels of a heavier domina, you will really want this clip.


Format: MPEG-4

Duration: 5 min 45 s

File Size: 463 MiB

Resolution: 1 080 x 1 920

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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – Big Beautiful Babydoll Trampler