Goddess Giselle – Hypno Impotent With Women (masturbation instruction/480p)

An impotent slave would eventually give up even trying to have sex with women as it would be to distressing and humiliating. Their self esteem would be rock-bottom and all the time and energy and money they previously spent trying to get laid would be Mine for the taking.This clip would focus on the anxiety that the viewer would feel about being able to get it up. No more sexual confidence for you. When a women touches your cock from here on out after watching this devastating clip, your cock will get softer and softer and you will not be able to perform. You can never have sex again. No more blow jobs. No more pussy. Ever again. You will never have sex again. If you liked My Self-esteem Affirmations, you will love this clip.


Format: MPEG-4

Duration: 25 min 48 s

File Size: 834 MiB

Resolution: 480 x 854

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Goddess Giselle – Hypno Impotent With Women