Reality Girls – Crushed By Riot (mixed fighting/720p)

Riot catches Charles from the start in a head-swallowing reverse figure-foure headscissors that begins his squeeze torture against the pretty and powerful Riot. Riot dominates the veteran pain cushion, asking “How you doin’ down there?” before locking on a long rear naked choke and making him squeal for release. “That hurt?” she asks as he taps, then turns his head purple in a standing headscissors. She locks on a figure-four headscissors at the feet of her cruel friend, Audrey, whose long legs are crossed in the sunshine. Straight headscissors almost pop his bald head; a side headscissors makes him scream. She swallows his head with her strong legs as her ass tightens in a reverse headscissors, her feared rear naked choke, applied longer this time, scares Charles though he hangs in as he goes purple and his tormentor combines the hold with a bodyscissors. Riot stands on him full-weight, her arms again snake around his neck for a lon rear naked choke as she leans back and brings the big guy with her. Another standing reverse then Riot pulls him back in a Lotus hold the makes him face her in a headscissors from which he begs for release from her thick thighs.


Format: MPEG-4

Duration: 19 min 54 s

File Size: 214 MiB

Resolution: 720 x 1 280

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Reality Girls – Crushed By Riot