Evil Bitch – Princess Brook – EXTREME 10 minute TV cable whipping (bare bottom spanking/720p)

If you’ve seen my other whipping clips with the TV cable, you’ll already know IT IS SAVAGE BRUTAL EXTREME! And this one is even more extreme than the last. The slave starts off with a body like a beautiful white canvas, and i thrash the sh%t out of him until he is red like a beetroot! This slave screams like a bitch begging and BEGGING me to stop! His hands are securely tied to the ceiling hoist so he has to keep his arms up unable to protect his body. The pain is unbearable and the beautiful deep red bruises and welts i give him look insane. This kind of whipping is FAR MORE EXTREME THAN WHIPPING WITH A LEATHER WHIP. The state of the slaves beaten body is an absolute mess at the end of the clip. Im very proud of myself. EXTREME CLIP!


Format: MPEG-4

Duration: 8 min 58 s

File Size: 419 MiB

Resolution: 720 x 1 280

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