BallBustingChicks – I love kicking balls! (cbt/1 080p)


Hard ballbusting is what she likes, anywhere n anytime. So this slave knows that he has to sacrifice his balls for her. She is just laughing when she hit him so hard, that he falls down to the floor. A lot of laughing n teasing. She likes most when her d*ggy gets a boner before she kick him in the balls, with his stiff cock pointing at her. And she amuse herself when she force him to swing it like a real doggytail… She supports him also with special food that helps him to get a hard on in no time when he masturbates, even after she kicked it small by merciless ballbusting! She trained him so well that he even begs for more n harder kicks after she already kicked his manhood to pulp…Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Ball Abuse, BallBustingChicks, Ballbusting, Balls Busting, Amy, Ballkicking, Ball Kicking, BBW, Fat, Plump



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BallBustingChicks – I love kicking balls!