DomNation – Bossy Delilah – EFFORTLESS BRUTALITY (pain/720p)


Bossy Delilah has a style that’s all her own, She’s lets say comically sadistic. Well as long as you’re not the guy that’s at theend of her whip or leash. Enjoy this sadistic video. Voyeuring in as Bossy Delilah tames a struggling and noisy slave who justcan’t seem to control himself. (So of course Delilah, so kindly offers to help)Delilah has him painfully bound, his testicles tightly attached to a web harness on his head, bending his body or pulling his headforward torques his testicles relentlessly, the whip come at him relentlessly, cruelly its sting burrowing into his flesh. All hehas to do is calm down! yet he cannot stop himself from flopping around like a fish out of water as Delilah torments him like acat toying with a small rodent.She brutally beats him as she verbally abuses him and tells him about all of the horrible things that will be coming in his futurebecause he can’t control himself!“It’s about technique you Fuck! Fuck technique I’m just paddling you. It’s about effortless brutality, this shyt should just comenaturally!”Bossy DelilahCategory: FEMALE DOMINATIONRelated Categories: CBT, BEATDOWNS, WHIPPING, BDSM, CORPORAL PUNISHMENTKeywords: bossy delilah, face slapping, bondage, whipping, bdsm, slave training, corporal punishment, beatdowns, discipline,verbal abuse, female domination, bullwhip, leather whip, ball abuse, ass beatings



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DomNation – Bossy Delilah – EFFORTLESS BRUTALITY